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Nick Cody Releases Latest Single “That Gal”

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“That Gal” is Nick Cody’s newest single, while “The Heartache” is his current album.

Scarlet Rivera, who played violin in Dylan’s 1975 band and on the famous Desire album at the age of 19, is the subject of the song.
Kit Baily (wife of worldwide guitarist Martin Simpson) commented in Martin Scorsese’s “Rolling Thunder Revue” documentary, “That Gal’s as cool as f**K!” which inspired the lyric of this song.

The record contains no expletives for radio considerations, but it is filled with Bob Dylan references from this iconic musical era. On hearing this track, Scarlet Rivera commented: “I’m honored that you wrote this excellent song that memorializes my role on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour working closely with Bob Dylan, and love the lyrics!”

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Nick Cody is the founder of the Music for the Head & Heart and Green Eyed Records platforms, as well as a fiercely independent artist, controversial blogger, and guest speaker. Artist collaboration and empowerment are promoted on both platforms. Nick’s previous albums with the ensembles “The Small Change Diaries” and “The Caravan of Dreams” laid the foundation for this new roots-based effort. Nick is a prolific songwriter who has performed at UK and international festivals as well as select venues in the United States and Japan when he is not recording at his UK studio.

Listen to Nick Cody That Gal song below.

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