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Nissu Sings About The Need For “Connection” In New Single.

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Hello and welcome to our blog. Today we’re focusing on the artist Nissu. He is a singer/songwriter from Brazil, now based in Dublin. I’m thrilled to share his latest single, “Connection,” with you which was released on June 21. Let me tell you more about the song and its accompanying visuals.

The song is upbeat right from the start. Nissu’s voice is steady and welcoming. You would be compelled by his performance to continue listening and watching the video .

“Connection” is an upbeat and motivational track inspired by the moments of connection we all found during the lockdown. The music video, featuring nine unique cameos, captures how social media helped us stay connected even when we were apart. (” Life really is how we make it”). The video starts with three different people who appear to be taking selfies that they plan to send to a person in their life, as the video progresses, we see more people both male and females connecting through what seems to be the same phone, the usage of the same phone symbolizes the use of technology to stay connected. The video ends with these people dancing to the song and enjoying it. The song stresses the importance of uplifting each other in difficult times. (” We will be better than what we were”)It’s a fun song that has a profound message of being united, love, and compassion

The song is very upbeat and the instrumentation matches the rhythm of the song. This foot-tapping song is colorful, and vibrant and breathes life into the lyrics

The song “Connection” is not ordinary, the song may remind us of tough times during the pandemic but also reminds us that even though we were apart we were still connected to our loved ones thanks to the beauty of technology, technology aside the song promotes peace and unity with its lyrics and melodies and thanks to the awesome video we can not only picture the song’s essence in our mind’s eye but see the interpretation of Nissu’s song in the video. Nissu has made an awesome track and video and I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Stream “Connection” on Spotify and watch the video on YouTube.

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