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North Ship Plastic House

North Ship New Single “Plastic House” Released

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North Ship has released a brand new song titled “Plastic House”

North Ship’s Plastic House is a mix of electronica, live guitar, percussion, and vocals. The song is essentially about deciding who you are. This song is likely to appeal to fans of David Bowie’s Blackstar phase, Arctic Monkeys, and 90s-influenced alternative rock. Green Light has already received over 130,000 streams, while Plastic House is the follow-up single.

After their previous single, “Green Light,” lulled listeners into a trance, Danish rock band North Ship has back with “Plastic House,” a new underwater psychedelic mood. There is a higher degree of consciousness associated with it, thanks in part to a slightly faster speed. Rather than lulling you into a psychedelic slumber, “Plastic House” keeps you awake but on a different wavelength.

Rather than a basic, recurring chant, “Plastic House” is more akin to a cognitive experiment. You’re supposed to picture this “plastic house.” It’s a “secure residence,” but it’s also “not an ordinary house,” according to the description. Plastic is tough, but it’s also synthetic, giving the impression that this is a man-made shelter. Then your thoughts turn to structural integrity and whether or not this safe haven will collapse like a house of cards.

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Tom Golzen, a singer-guitarist, and Francis Nrgaard, a drummer, have created an immersive sound that immerses you in endless percussion and captivating guitar melodies. While “Plastic House” may not transport you to the deepest recesses of your waking mind like “Green Light,” it does achieve the required detachment from reality. Any psychedelic music aims to free you from whatever binds you to this earthly plain. With just musical nuance, “Plastic House” accomplishes this.

Listen to North Ship Plastic House song below.

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