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The six-song EP “Nostalgic for Now” is extremely personal to Australian indie folk storyteller Patrick Lawrence. Six chapters of his life—self-realization, love, professional decisions, loss, happiness, and savoring the present—are captured in this EP. And he truly puts everything he has into this captivating anthology, which was penned with strength, sensitivity, and vulnerability. His captivating productions, which feature softly plucked guitars and other percussion instruments that relate to the folk genre’s appeal and the roots sound’s stylistic versatility, are accompanied by the unadulterated emotions in his lovely voice. The EP was released on 17th January and is a great collection of songs that will knock your socks off. Let me tell you more about it

“Toaster Song” is the first song and beginning of this fantastic EP. It begins with a delicate electric guitar strum before Lawrence begins to deliver his vocal performance. The song talks about how he feels like his life has no aim or mission. The message of the song is quite bleak but ultimately how sometimes we feel in life. Sometimes we picture a certain way we want our life to be but it doesn’t turn out that way. The song is country-infused and the subtle pauses after every line in the song give the listener time to soak in the drums and blend of other musical instruments. “ Toaster song is an awesome start to the EP and will heighten your curiosity as to what will come next

“Forever Home” is the next song on the EP and it begins with a slow and steady guitar strum. The story behind this song is that of finding stability with someone. As the song unravels you hear Lawrence sing about how he loves his partner, how whenever he’s not himself or in a good frame of mind she keeps Him steady and afloat. The song is Beauty which is made up of genuine and simple lyrics and as the song comes to a crescendo the electric guitar solo will have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you will be thrilled sonically

“Half Life” is the next song on the EP. This country-infused song begins with a stripped-down acoustic guitar sound and then you are hit with electric guitar sounds. In this song, Lawrence sings about his mistakes in life and ponders on what he had done wrong. The song is an acceptance of defeat and expresses the feeling of hopelessness, however, at the end of the song he sings about trying to start fresh and replaces that feeling of despair with hope. The smooth vocal performance together with the electric guitar solo mid-song gives you chills and creates a thrilling audio experience

With “An Empty Room” the EP pivots a little, with the majestic acoustic guitar strums and impeccable vocal performance. In this song, Lawrence tells the sad and emotional story of a couple who want a baby but are sorely disappointed. Conception is a major problem that most couples face and it is just amazing the way Lawrence has shed light on this issue in such a tasteful, tactful, and delicate manner through his lyrics and music. This song captures your attention from start to finish through the powerful words and musical arrangement. A rare definition what a song should be.

Next is “Joy in the Journey “. The song starts slow up gradually picks up the tempo. The song encapsulates the importance of living in the moment and enjoying the simple things. In the song, he assures listeners that sometimes we may feel that we are behind in life especially when we compare our lives to other people’s lives but we aren’t, he then advises us not to chase unnecessary highs but to live in the now. The songwriting, electric guitar solo, and Lawrence’s spectacular performance make for an outworld experience.

The EP closes out with “These Are the Good Old Days”. The song starts slowly with gentle and sweet electric guitar sounds as Lawrence sings in detail certain simple things that he enjoys and calls them the good old days. This song is all about nostalgia perhaps about the past or a really good time in one’s life. The song is introspective and will get you emotional and thinking about the good old days. It is a great way to close out the EP as the message embedded in the song is the very heart of the whole EP. The vocal performance, musical arrangement, and poetic lyrics create an ethereal experience that will linger even after the song has ended

Overall the EP “Nostalgic for Now” by Patrick Lawrence is a poetic and artistic masterpiece. The songs are passionate and full of emotion. Each song no matter the style or genre has an inspiring message and is deeply profound as well. Lawrence did so well with his vocals too, they were worth hearing. This EP represents his talent as an excellent songwriter and artist and how far he is going to go due to his immeasurable talent.

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