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Hi Music lovers welcome back to our blog. Today we turn our attention to San Jose-based artist named Onbar. Onbar has released a single titled “Natty Wine”. The song will be released on the 19th of January 2024. The song is about how missed opportunities and the negative effects of shyness Let’s get into it

The song begins with tones of electric guitar and suddenly listeners are met with Onbar’s sultry voice. He then sings about how fine the girl he just met is and as he lists her numerous qualities he asks her to consider being in a relationship with him and he lists all the things that he could offer her. The song is quite sultry yet will get you tapping your feet along to

Thematically the song is a personal story to the artist as he details what he wishes could have happened when he met a very beautiful lady at a local wine bar, however, he could not do these things he sings so passionately about because he is shy and so the opportunity slips him by. He also talks about how beautiful she is and how her beauty seems so natural. The lyrics and vocal performance thrust you back to that moment when he first laid eyes on the beautiful young lady in question and make for an immersive experience

Onbar’s talent is on full display as he plays the instruments on this track and records and produced it in his bedroom, how resourceful and talented that is! The musical instrument arrangement and vocal performance make it an interesting song to listen to

To conclude, “Natty Wine” by Onbar is something unique and is a great song about love and beauty. It displays Onbar’s musical genius and shows that he has a bright future.

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