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Pete Hollis Still in Love

One-man Band Pete Hollis Releases New Track “Still in Love”

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Pete Hollis latest track “Still in Love” is a track that is full of emotion and presented via a sweet and bold voice. Drums and synths from the 1980s carry the track forward, with a stunning saxophone solo. This song is basic, yet not at all dull. It evokes emotions in you and leaves you wanting more.

The exceptional performer, who hails from the United States, creates an explosive blend of pop, soul, and R’n’B that sounds unique and charismatic. Pete Hollis’ most recent single, ‘Still in Love,’ was released in May.

The song is about falling in love again after a long period of separation. You think everything is finished and try to move on, but it’s impossible because you’ve realised you’re still in love with someone. The song has strong and appealing vocal melodies, as well as emotionally honest and vulnerable lyrics.

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Pete Hollis writes, produces, and sings all of his songs in his bedroom, which is probably why the song has such a laid-back atmosphere, with four minutes of musical pleasure hugging the listener in an effortless sonic voyage.

‘Still in Love,’ which is about love and a breakup, begins with a modulated piano sound and a startling cowbell before bursting into the verse with Pete’s mesmerising, colourful vocals. The rhythmic structure is provided by a characteristic 80’s percussion sound (gated reverbs for the win), which perfectly matches the sax solo, elevating the piece to ultimate greatness.

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