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Pamela Hopkins One Too Many

Pamela Hopkins Releases “One Too Many” Single

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Thematically, ‘One Too Many’ is a follow-up to the artist’s previous hit, ‘One More Last Kiss,’ which acts as the emotional spark for the current single’s events. Following a breakup and a tearful goodbye, the lead singer has gone to a pub in the hopes of drinking her sorrows away, no matter how many drinks it takes. It’s an unusual approach to take, but one that we’re sure many people can connect to.

Pamela Hopkins, a Little Rock, Arkansas native, delivers yet another powerful performance with her current hit, ‘One Too Many,’ a song about burying your sorrows by drinking a little too much. Find out how amazing the new song is in our comprehensive review of ‘One Too Many,’ which features the seriousness we’ve come to expect from the vocalist.

Pamela Hopkins One Too Many

Everything here is great lyrically, expressing every detail precisely. As they enter a pub packed with people courting and in love, we’re taken on a journey into the head of the lead singer. It just helps to aggravate our singer, who’s only answer is to drink more, in the hopes of determining how many drinks it will take to put her into a coma and allow her to forget about her heartache and memories.

In this aspect, it’s actually quite a melancholy song, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to it ordinarily. This is due to the single’s mid-tempo, guitar-led sound. It gives the song a current country feel, making it appear a lot more enjoyable than the subject matter suggests. Pamela’s vocal delivery is especially excellent in this song, effectively presenting the sense of someone drowning their sorrows. It removes a lot of the edge that makes songs like this uncomfortable, which is beneficial to the music. While she doesn’t use her powerful voice as much on this track, the more laid-back tone nicely suits her calm delivery.

To be honest, ‘One Too Many’ is a hilariously wonderful listen, one that is lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously. While the subject matter may be too familiar for some, the film’s more relaxed tone and cheery attitude make it pleasant nevertheless.

Listen to Pamela Hopkins One Too Many song below!!

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