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Greetings lovely readers and music fans, help me welcome Miami’s very own Patrick Doval. Patrick swore off music after the tragic death of his best friend, fellow musician Jesse Groo, despite what his expanding fan base might suggest. But Doval found he was intended to be in the studio while he was compiling a CD of their early recordings for Groo’s family. With his latest release “Back Home “released on 12th January and all of his songs—both old and new—Patrick wants to pay tribute to his friend. Let me tell you more about this new song.

After their 2022 single Soulless Machine, Doval and Pete Parada—best known for being The Offspring’s drummer—started working together again on the song Back Home.

The song begins in an upbeat and exciting way. Doval then eases you into the song with his strong and unified vocals.

Back Home is just one of the great music videos that Patrick Doval creates to go along with his songs. The effect-heavy style of the artist is maintained in this video. The film, which alternates between Pete and Patrick, depicts Doval as a traveling musician who eventually breaks his guitar. His breaking of his beloved instrument shows his frustration and his performance is very magnetic and draws in the listener and viewers. Its strong use of stylized effects and animation puts it in the visual manner of Terry Gilliam and Pink Floyd, among others creating the perfect soundtrack and visuals.

Proudly passing the prog/punk torch to a new generation, Back Home does so. Patrick is a guitarist and singer who can take rock fans back to the 1970s and 1980s with his great riffs and vocals, all with the realism of contemporary production. For those who have been longing to hear their music’s thrashy solos and appropriate drumming again, “Back Home “will be a welcome comeback.

This video was nothing short of amazing guys! The acting was very moving and fantastic on all levels!! Doval deserves all the flowers and more for his production of this video. If you won’t take my word for it then take Rock Mag Magazin’s word where Patrick is described as a “DIY mastermind” and Enter the Venture likens his aesthetic to that of “David Bowie, who always took art into new, exciting directions.” I’m very excited to see what he puts out next!!

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