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Welcome music fans and dearest readers today our blog focuses on talented Miami-based artist Patrick Doval. Doval has blessed the music community with songs like “Soulless Machine” and “In You” and now he’s back with a latest song titled “Back Home”. This song was released on 12th January and it promises to take you on an exhilarating audio experience. Let’s get into it

From the moment the song begins you just know you’re in for a good time. The intro alone will immediately draw you into and prepare you for the rest of the song. The vocal performance is breathy and super cool and creates an enjoyable escape from reality

With the simplicity of the lyrics, listeners are told a tale of the persona who is trying to find his way back home. It is very simple but serves as a metaphor for feeling lost or uncomfortable in a particular situation or place and trying to return to a place of familiarity, a place where one feels welcome, a place where one calls home. Don’t be distracted by the song’s vibrant nature and attractive vibes because it’s also very profound and ensures that the listener is drawn into Doval’s headspace and connects with him on a new level

To call this a labor of love will be an understatement. The song’s intricate and boisterous instrumentals are unique. Doval enlists the help of Pete Parada, former drummer of the band “The Offspring” who shows off his expert drumming skills on this track. The electric guitar riffs embedded in the song are just a treat to the ear and Doval’s vocals are flawless and precise. These are the key ingredients to an amazing song!

Overall “Back Home” by Patrick Doval is a fantastic song comprised of complex and exotic melodies and excellent musicianship. The message is delivered in a high-energy and lively way making it an instant bop. The song shows that Doval has definitely the IT factor and will shine brightly in all music communities

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