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Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder Celebrate Joint DuJour Cover in New York City

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On Wednesday, November 8, the lifelong friends and former co-stars of Vampire Diaries went out to celebrate their new joint DuJour magazine cover, which was hosted at Cucina 8 1/2 in New York City

Ian, 44, sported a leather jacket, grey scarf and black pants, while Paul, 41, looked dapper in a navy peacoat and matching jumper.

Ever since they costarred on The Vampire Diaries on The CW, Paul and Ian have remained good friends. They introduced their Brother’s Bond bourbon in 2021.

Not to sound like a D-bag, but I’m working harder now than when we were the stars of a show,” Ian said in their Dujour cover story. “We built a business and we’re running a f–king company.”

“In a way, it’s even more difficult. It’s not plug-and-play,” Paul added. They had to be on set nearly every day of their series “and it felt like it was a lot of pressure, but it was also someone else’s pressure

Now, the buck stops with us,” he said. We are in charge of everything. And we’re making an effort to develop further. Ian continued, “Success and failure begin with us.” There are a tonne of levels and layers above you in a TV show. If Paul and I don’t succeed at this, it’s our fault.

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