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Hello, dearest readers and music lovers let’s turn our attention to Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. After blowing our minds with singles like “Digitize “ Gary Dranow is back and blowing our minds with his latest release titled “Im A Man”. The song was released on 31st August. The song includes a harp play by Joel Marshall from the UK. Alright sit back, relax, and enjoy my sparkling review

The song starts strong with the electric guitar and violin foundation before the other instruments and the vocals join in. Dranow sings about the struggles of growing up as a young man, especially without a father figure. Although The song is rock based it is still very emotional

The song talks about a truly harrowing and emotional journey of a young man who had no father figure to look up to, due to this reason he leads a messed up life and even though he falls in love and gets married he is a bad husband and steps out on his wife, however, there’s a pivot in the story when he acknowledges his mistakes and is forgiven by his wife who sees where he’s coming from in terms of his past and forgives him. Through this act of forgiveness, he can sober up and be someone his family can rely on. The conclusion of the story is wholesome and beautiful and will make you appreciate and love the song all the more

The production of the song is impeccable, it is difficult to incorporate violin sounds into a song like this without turning it into a ballad or a boring song, but this song accomplished that feat all while giving the other instruments their moment to shine.

Overall “I’m A Man” by Gary Dranow is an amazing song. The lyrics weave such a beautiful story that you will love to see unfold. The production of the song, its lyrics, and vocal performance also make it enjoyable and emotional. It is recommended for everyone and will fit great on any playlist

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