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Greetings, lovely readers and worldwide music fans! Today we explore the talents of PLEASELEVITATE. Yulia, the vocalist, and Chinmay, the producer, also known as A3ON, formed the duo PLEASELEVITATE in 2023 because they both loved dark indie pop music. After releasing “In the Dark” as their debut song in November 2023, they were known for their sad, dramatic, and genre-bending sound. This talented duo on 16th February released a fantastic song titled “I Lie”. I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming power and types of emotions I felt while listening to the song but I will try and put it into words.

The burst of sounds that surround you when the track starts is amazing and sends you into this amazing trance. The poetic environment that “I Lie” reveals explores the intricacies of human feeling. Yulia’s ethereal vocals intertwine with emotional poems that explore themes of yearning, duplicity, and the specter of self-doubt. The music transports listeners to a place where reality and illusion collide as it oscillates between melancholy and ecstasy.

Let’s dive into the theme of the song. The song’s lyrics convey a strong sense of being honest and upfront about one’s emotions. The song is a powerful representation of internal battles because of the recurring line, “Every time I feel like I should die, but don’t believe me ’cause I lie.”The lyrics, which are expressive and convey a deep sense of vulnerability, demonstrate the duo’s dedication to sincerity in their storytelling. The lyrics and the song itself invite you to be vulnerable and deep with the musical duo. I felt seen when listening to this song and it is an impressive quality this song possesses

Can we please offer Chinmay a hearty round of applause for his production? This song is unmatched by any other song in terms of its structure, which is an amazing piece of art. Harmonious and beautifully complimentary, the melody, lyrics, and vocal performance all work together.

Is “I Lie” worth a listen? should you recommend it to others? Hell to the yes!! PLEASELEVITATE has done it again by balancing delicate messages and entertainment in one fell swoop. I’m very excited about their growth and their future projects.

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