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Hello guys! Welcome to our blog. Let’s give a warm welcome to the amazing POLYVODA. The debut EP from Ukrainian band Polyvoda, “Queens,” combines funk, jazz, rap, and neo-soul influences. Three musicians from Kyiv make up the band: a drummer, a keyboardist, and a bassist. Additionally, a nameless female vocalist. The EP was released on 1st March and consists of 4 songs. Along with two brand-new songs, Polyvoda’s two prior singles, “Bonfire” and “Homeless,” are featured on the EP. “Queens,” the mini-albums main single, is also its standout track. Let me tell more about the band’s debut EP.

The beginning of “Queens” is a mind-blowing fusion of bass and lovely guitar strums. The lovely vocal performance then begins. The song talks about the power that females hold. It talks about women being the unsung heroes in life (”work in the background, running the show “), and how females support and contribute a lot to society. The song has subtle synth sounds but the bass steals the show. I’m not surprised this song is the title track or deemed the standout of the EP because of the immense star power the song holds with its bold and powerful lyrics delivered crisply and flawlessly. What a way to start the EP!

Next is the song “ Drunken Road” a song that is introduced with a steady drumbeat and some fancy electrical musical elements. The song talks about reflecting on life. In the song, the persona questions certain decisions made (” Look back on my life”, hopefully, I’ve done it right”). The song uses the “drunken road “ as a point of intersection and reflection on life. The song is catchy, especially the parts where they scream “hey!” and thus creates a unique and exciting out of body experience!

“Bonfire “ follows suit. This is another foot-tapping song with heavy piano sounds. At its core, the song is about strength (” strength is a power”) and resilience and also the inner struggles of man. (” Struggling I’m back up”). The rap in this song is a very good surprise that listeners will fall in love with. This song is nothing short of amazing!!

Sadly our exciting journey concludes with “Homeless”. The song begins with dark and mystical sounds. The song is about hope and never giving up. In the song, you are encouraged to collect yourself when things fail and try till you succeed (”Just regroup and maneuver”). The song encourages listeners that things will get better with time and to be hopeful because they are still standing after everything they go through. What a positive and inspiring message! This song was the perfect way to end the EP.

The EP was a cluster of amazing songs, each with a specific message and inspiring words. The band played with different genres and they did not play when it came to delivery. This collection of songs will be loved by any fan of music and will fit on any playlist. I can’t wait to see what they put out next! If this is their debut EP then we are in for one hell of a ride!

Stream the “Queens” EP on Spotify or SoundCloud

Follow Polyvoda here and on their socials; Instagram, YouTube

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