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“Pool of Mystery” by Heather Nation Gives a Deeper Yearning For Nostalgia

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Hello music fans, today’s review centers on San Diego-based artist Heather Nation. Heather’s latest single, released on 17th November, is titled “Pool of Mystery”. “Pool of Mystery” cries in reverence to the theme of nostalgia, the longing one can feel for the innocence of beginning again, being new at something, a cry for the type of fresh passion and persistence that newness offers. Now let’s delve right in

The song starts with a cool and extremely mellow electric guitar harmony and the listener is immediately struck and invited in by Nation’s calm and soothing voice. The musical performance creates this beautiful world surrounded by ethereal sounds and harmonies. You’ll hear Nation sing to nostalgia as if it were another person she converses with in lines like “falling for a moment/will I ever see you again/you found me in a song somehow/are you with me every day”. The result is that of pure and raw artistry.

Lyrically the song talks about longing for something new to preserve the mystery surrounding oneself for as long as possible. Nation’s soul-stirring vocal style, exquisite guitar work, and soaring melodies take listeners out of this world and take a peek into Nation’s world, as each note rings true as if the tune were an embodiment of the persona’s deep pain thus, solidifying the song’s relevancy and uniqueness

Overall, “Pool of Mystery” by Heather Nation is a fine work. Dive into Nation’s sound with “Pool of Mystery,” which is the ideal taste of what’s to come, thanks to the catchy lead guitar riff and the dreamy, dynamic vocal that dances atop her self-produced instrumentation of colorful synths, percussion influenced by the 1980s, and velvety layered guitars.

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