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Silvermouse Beyond the Dream Drum

Puerto Rican duo Silvermouse Releases “Beyond the Dream Drum”

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The Puerto Rican duo Silvermouse creates electronic music with a sensuous and extremely adventurous tone while strictly adhering to the most noble philosophical suggestion. Let’s dissect it… The duo’s “Psychoactive” project, a partnership with the Monroe Institute to “experience consciousness-altering signals in live and recorded music,” include “Beyond the Dream Drum,” their second album. The outcome is beautiful! The introduction gives us a glimpse of a futuristic world where every accident is documented and its diagnosis is unexpected.

Synthesizers are used covertly and in great abundance, creating a sudden sensory dialogue with the violin and recorder that utterly entraps us. The cerebrality of the context elevates the track to the most vivid levels of intricacy while simultaneously beckoning directly to the clues, and this counterpoint is essential to the remarkable outcome that we anticipate here. Although Silvermouse often exclusively distributes live recordings, “Beyond the Dream Drum” was created in a studio, allowing them to make the most of Dolby Atmos’ ability to optimise 3-D audio.

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The context in which Joanne Hunt and Justin Handley succumbed to confront us with this masterpiece, which despite the rapid and bright prediction, is crammed with the most exuberant ambient structures, quite adequately encapsulates the evolution in synergistic character of the track! The research we’re conducting on how mind affects 3D signals and soundscapes feels like a logical extension of musical forms.

I noticed a kid-sized tape recorder on a table at home as I was in the middle of recording. Through the creative labour put into this difficult idea that resulted in “Beyond the Dream Drum,” the authors attest, “I took it and 30 minutes later it became a central feature of this track. Since the Monroe Institute is one of the oldest research institutions and is devoted to the study of esoteric edges through the use of consciousness-altering sound technologies, it is important to note the collaboration that was developed.

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