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Feliciano The Bounceback song

Puerto Rico lyricist Feliciano Premiers Latest Song “The Bounceback”

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Feliciano is a lyricist and composer from Puerto Rico. Although he also dabbles with classical music and instrumental electronica, the majority of his compositions fall into the Indie Pop category. He is not only a talented musician but also a music teacher who specialises in teaching piano and music theory.

From Rincon, Puerto Rico, comes Feliciano. He is renowned for his melodically fusing classical, electronic, and indie pop music to create moving songs. He also teaches piano and music theory. The follow-up to his previous song, “Depression,” “The Bounceback,” which radically changes its tone, demonstrates Feliciano’s diversity throughout his history.

There are several melodic electronic musical elements in the tune. It’s amazing how seamlessly he incorporates his song into these works of art. The song’s catchy tune features a number of versions. The upbeat tune is intended to give you energy and inspiration. A poor mood can be miraculously transformed into joy by “The Bounceback.” Despite the voices’ extensive processing, everything is perfectly on point.

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This song is one of the most addictive songs because of the masterful utilisation of many elements that holds the listener captive until the very end. The tone of the song is well defined by the lyrics. Every single time, the way he combines electronic and classical components really blows my mind. The droplets exude a high level of energy and are packed with vitality. If you enjoy experimental electronic music, you must listen to “The Bounceback.”

This is what Feliciano had to say about The Bounceback: “By using some imagination and a recent breakup, I wrote this song about the courageous act of moving forward, because life continues. I do believe that this song might cheer people who will find themselves in a similar situation and need a little push to carry on… plus it’s the summer!!!”

Listen to Feliciano The Bounceback song below.

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