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Rachel Newnham’s “Jealous” Redefines Jealousy Like Never Before.

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Hello, my favorite music fans and readers! We now feature Southport-based pop artist Rachel Newnham, a rising star in the industry. Pop-based songs are Rachel’s specialty. Her most recent hit, “Jealous,” is a stunning masterpiece and her second single following “Nobody Loves You Like I Do.” According to Rachel’s statement, Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae are among her musical inspirations. The song, co-written and produced by Matt Wills, was released on November 17 and discusses Rachel’s battles with body concerns as well as the fact that it’s acceptable to feel jealous occasionally. Keep an open mind and relish this brilliant assessment of mine.

“Jealous” opens with a calming guitar riff and smooth female vocals before it descends into a structure of beautiful synth sounds, Rachel’s quirky and sweet voice grabs the listener’s attention from the start. Some lines from the songs like You Look So Precious “, and “I’m So Jealous, share the Boyfriend but not the Breakup” Make Jealous a brilliantly composed song with cinematic and high-energy melodies that represent Rachel’s struggles with looking perfect and how she’s jealous of those who look perfect. Her stirring vocal performance is packed with emotion and pays tribute to her struggles with perfection. Throughout the song, she reveals the impactful message that sometimes someone might have something that you want as well and it’s perfectly normal and okay to feel jealous.

Lyrically, “Jealous” talks in great detail about Rachel’s struggles with her body, perfectionism, and basically how she feels when she goes online. With social media being an important part of the fabric of our society nowadays Rachel talks about embracing the feeling of jealousy as and when it comes and normalizes the feeling of jealousy which is not something people usually talk about in their music. I applaud her bravery for bringing something like this to light for the world to see! She also encourages listeners to embrace the feeling of jealousy when it does come up and to not shy away from jealousy.

The pop and guitar-like tunes combine to create the amazing masterpiece “Jealous,” which conveys an inspiring message. With Rachel’s emotive vocal delivery, guitar tones, and Matt’s masterful production skills and harmonies, listeners are allowed to enter her world and view jealousy from a whole new perspective.

Overall, Rachel Newnham’s “Jealous” is a very poignant and personal composition inspired by what she has been through herself as a pop artist. It is a true testament to the unbreakable nature of the human spirit and has the concepts of bravery and strength with its great lyrical content, solid performance, and thematic profundity. It also has a solid best which you can dance along to. “Jealous” is a great song suitable for all ages and all playlists and comes highly recommended.

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