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Replicas of Zayn Malik’s tattoos are featured on the cans of his new non-alcoholic cocktail

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The artist, 30, made the announcement on Tuesday that he will become the chief creative officer and co-owner of alcohol-free beverage company Mixoloshe. The “Love Like This” singer unveiled his first mocktail—a lychee martini—to commemorate the news. “Disruption is imminent in the non-alcoholic beverage market,” Malik declared in a statement initially disclosed to PEOPLE. “We are witnessing a shift in consumer preferences towards healthier and alcohol-free options, which presents a chance for a company like Mixoloshe to revolutionise this sector.”

An edgy ad campaign revealing the drink and his new role was shot in Turks & Caicos by the One Direction alumni. The vocalist of “Pillow Talk” is shown enjoying a non-alcoholic lychee martini by the water in the commercial. The film showcases the can’s distinctive design, which was influenced by Malik’s tattoos and includes exact copies of some of them, such as the “ZAP!” tattoo on his arm.

The firm characterises the new flavour as “sweet, floral, and slightly tropical,” and it highlights the same attention to natural ingredients as existing Mixoloshe drinks. Taste testers were wowed by the lychee martini’s refined fruity flavour and its capacity to impart a boozy scent without the use of alcohol when they were given a sneak peek at it.

I am incredibly thrilled about the opportunity to create a stir in the non-alcoholic beverage industry and create a highly talked-about beverage globally,” Malik continued in the release.

More Information About Zayn’s New drink

Walmart sells a four-pack for $10, while 12-packs are only available online for $35 through Mixoloshe, Walmart, and Amazon.

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