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Hello hello, music fans and dearest readers let’s welcome to our blog Netherland-based artist RHEIN. Reinier van den Haak’s musical side project is called RHEIN (Krach, Roosbeef). He decided to combine his two hobbies after concentrating more on his work as a psychotherapist in recent years. RHEIN began recording the content of his dreams to use it as inspiration for his music, following a neo-Freudian desire for less ratio and more feeling. This exotic and unique artist released a sophisticated song titled “Beter”. “Beter” was released on 29th December and is a musical delight. Let me tell you more about the song

When the song starts listeners are led into this immersive experience through the wonderful electric guitar sounds and steady drum beat. The artist begins these cool and breathy vocals that will uplift you into the stratosphere

The song is in Dutch but it talks about how the persona is some pain, perhaps going through a breakup. Through lyrics like “I feel good, but not much better “ you see the persona’s state of mind. Although the song feels bleak at the end the persona comforts himself that he doesn’t feel good but admits that he does feel better. It’s ultimately an uplifting song that whatever you go through you will come out feeling better. The vocals are soothing and sublime and take you on a one-of-a-kind sonic experience

When it comes to Production you can see that a lot of blood sweat and tears were put into this song. The somber electric guitar sounds combined with the steady drumming throughout the song create this glorious piece of music that will delight all your senses with totality

Overall, “Beter” by RHEIN is a groundbreaking piece of music, it is moving, fresh and breathtaking. RHEIN’S vocals are breathy and beautiful and the song carries an important message for all. It is a beautiful piece of work and it shows his dedication to his art and his future in the music community.

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