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Greetings, kind readers and fans of music. Today we’re showcasing the abilities of renowned Los Angeles artist Richard Berger. He released the album “Retrovert” on May 17. Richard Berger is the lyricist, musician, keyboardist, and vocalist on the album. Tony Morra on drums, Melanie Faye on guitars, Maisie May on vocals, and Marshall Via on guitars are among the featured guests. This 12-song album is going to blow your mind, so let’s talk about the specifics.

The song that opens the album is called “Another One”. The song gives off very chill vibes. The character in the song has met someone he’s enamored with and can’t stop thinking about(” can’t get you off my mind”). He talks about how she stands out and will try to forget her even though she might be the one for him or just another person(”you may be the one or just another”). The story woven into the song is entertaining and it’s exciting to hear how things play out. The song just does the perfect job of opening the album

Next is the song “Ignore Me “. The song is another song with a cool vibe. In the song the persona asks his partner how she can claim to love him when she ignores him ( “You ignore me, how can you pretend that to love me”) the character is trapped in a loveless and toxic relationship where he doesn’t feel seen (”I see you, do you see me?”) but he still stays for the sake of love. The song’s pace matches the tone of the vocal performance of the song and enhances the listening experience

With “Why does it take so long” the album’s tempo picks up. In this lively song, the persona has been waiting for something but his patience has run out and he asks (”Why does it have to take so long”). The instrumentation on this song is beautifully arranged for you to enjoy it

The song “Retrovert Interlude” is the next one. While you wait for the remaining songs, listeners are treated to these intriguing sounds on this song.

Close Your Eyes” is the next song on the album which is opened by these cool tones. The persona in the song is talking to his paramour to relax and let go of her worries if she wants to be with him, he asks her not to overthink and live in the now. (” Close your eyes, l won’t hurt you”). The song’s message is important because stress is a silent killer, especially in a relationship and the added bonus is that the song is enjoyable as well

“Get Away” is the next song on the album. The song is about a character who is running from his problem and it’s so bad he feels like he’s in darkness and feels like he’s drowning (”never thought I’d feel this way, I think I have to get away”). The instrumental solo was very beautiful and the vocal performance drew listeners into Berger’s headspace

Next up is the song “Time” which starts with some funky sounds before the performance begins. The song is a profound song where the character in the song tells his lover that time passes by differently when she’s not around(”it passes by when you’re not around”). The song also touches on how precious time is and holding on to certain people or ideas The saxophone solo was very delightful and will excite you

Next is a song called “My Love”. The persona in the song tells his partner how he’s infatuated with her (” can’t stop thinking about you”). He further describes how she’s even in his dreams and describes her as his everything. The guitar solo further elevates this song

“Follows me” is the song that follows. Very gorgeous sax sounds envelop you when the song starts. The character in the song talks about how he is consumed by this woman(” can’t stop thinking about you”). But she hasn’t decided whether to follow him. This a foot-tapping song that exudes sexuality and it will thrill you, especially the saxophone solo

“Make it stop” is the next song and it features songstress Maisie May. The character in the song feels suffocated and asks to make it stop and feels lonely at the same time (” Say you need me”). This is such a lovely song that is further elevated by Maisie’s beautiful and tender voice

“Gone Gone Gone” is the song that completes the album. The song is about despair and losing hope(” I’m tired of trying”). He laments about how hard he used he loved fighting but has grown weary because it’s become exhausting. You can feel the way the character has given up through the emotive performance and with this musical masterpiece the album comes to a close

The “Retrovert” album took me on a unique and beautiful musical journey I’ve never experienced before. I felt things I’ve never felt before and this album will be on repeat. With an album this good, you can’t help but listen to it over and over again but don’t take my word for it, listen to it yourself and experience the musical wonder for yourself

Stream the “Retrovert” album on Spotify

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