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Ruebi Clown

Ruebi Serves Us With Latest Release “Clown”

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Clown, an experimental cornerstone for a famous artist with a lot to say, sees Ruebi releasing his newly discovered self.

The new single from Ruebi, “Clown,” was released on April 8th. Between the guitar hooks and the powerful rhythm section, the song has a dark repetitive vibe. The velvety voice timbre leads to a viscous melody that gels in perfectly with the magnificent post-punk accompaniment.

The melancholy and beautiful vocals are immediately welcomed by the melodic but energetic opening, which is filled with a very cosy and seductive dark-wave ambiance, which breaks out in a spectacle of rare grandeur when it meets the chorus of amazing pop reverberation! The post-punk aspect of the genre also comes through, providing a nostalgic tone that is quite acute and is usually absorbed in the genre’s possibilities. The lugubrious proposition is laden with sensory lightness that catches us in an instant, regardless of whether we have a preference for the offered style or not.

Ruebi Clown

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We’re talking about musician and composer Ruebi’s outstanding hit “Clown,” which has a good career in front of the German scene. On Spotify, he has roughly 70,000 monthly listeners, and he tours with the band, performing 88 performances in Europe and the United States in 2019. Since the song is truly fantastic, introducing a breath of the most stealthy to the genre, musical acquired along its course!

Ruebi appreciated the pandemic’s process and his social seclusion (as it had to be!). The multi-instrumentalist has already planned dates to travel on the tour and has been calling pals for this quest. Because “Clown” is truly sensational, his name will be fatally lifted to more stratospheric levels over the earth, reaching the most inhospitable places possible! The poetry verve begins with a really amusing premise, as the author himself says: “andu always adore unusual and interesting things.” This song is about a strange ‘Stalking of an Exgirlfriend,’ which is always a little amusing as a parody.”

Listen to Ruebi Clown song below.

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