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Sarantos Looking Up at the World

Sarantos “Looking Up at the World” Out Now

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Over the course of “Looking Up at the World,” a sweeping soaring breadth emerges, relishing in Sarantos’ lyricism’s deep-seeded hope. He has a wide emotional range with his vocals. The story arc that runs throughout the song is refreshingly honest. The work has a symphonic feel to it, with sweeping strokes. The composition becomes arena-filling as it takes its time in evolving in unexpectedly gorgeous ways. It is outright joyful in all the appropriate places. Regardless, his voice remains a beacon of hope as the remainder of the piece swirls about them in a ferocious way.

Sarantos, the singer-songwriter, is back with a new tune. Sarantos’ current project, in contrast to his normal laid-back style, is a devastating and direct expression of emotion about the artist’s battle with chronic pain and COVID-19. Because serious themes like this need our attention and sympathy, we’ll be taking a deeper look at “Looking Up At The World” in our full review today.

“Looking Up At The World,” although being a more melancholy Sarantos song, begins with surprisingly warm and appealing instrumentals. The folds of the artist’s acoustic ballad reveal themselves as the song progresses, allowing the music to breathe and expand organically. Instrumentally, it’s a fun song, with electric guitars and light synths adding some much-needed atmosphere.

Sarantos Looking Up at the World

With “Looking Up At The World,” the patient build up is the name of the game, as emotions surge and the lyrics blossom into soaring expressions of despair. Sarantos‘ acting here has a lot of pathos, which is natural. Every emotion expressed in the song is palpable, making it easy to empathise with the artist’s struggle.

The honest songwriting on display here, though, is what genuinely drives the single. Sarantos’ wails about how upsetting it is throw all nuance out the window here. Feelings of being trapped, helpless, and powerless come out loud and clear. Despite all of his efforts, he can’t even get up without being weary, which irritates him greatly. “Looking Up At The World” is as potent as it is because of these honest emotional eruptions. These plights would undoubtedly be relatable and understood to those in similar situations.

Sarantos, a Chicago-based award-winning musician, has released a new tune called “Looking Up at the World.” His experience with chronic thoracic back pain brought on by the new coronavirus prompted him to create this lovely sorrowful composition.

Sarantos‘ ability as a singer-songwriter is demonstrated in “Looking Up At The World,” which is a testimonial to the artist’s ability. He’s been working on this for a long time and has only gotten better with practise. It’s difficult not to feel for him and the way the world has treated him as he expresses his anguish and grievances to the world.

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