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SIKA VALMÉ Reunite With Her Caribbean Roots On “Mango”

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Phenomenal artist, Sika Valmé, who was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but currently resides between Montréal, New York, and Mexico has released her brand new track, “Mango.” Sika Valmé combines an intriguing blend of Afro Funk and pop in this latest. “Mango,” which is a happy introduction of Haitian Creole culture into the modern electro scene, a statement that is both transparent and bold. Sika Valmé composed this beautiful song with authenticity, the lyrics and the voice alone gives that vibes. Through this song, Sika Valmé encourages her fans to appreciate the present moment and uplift themselves in both good and bad circumstances.

In her latest song, Mango, Sika talks about reconnecting with her Caribbean roots. She writes about the locations, people, and activities that help her reconnect to her true self after having spent half of her life abroad. Sika reveals how familiarity and discovery, misery and happiness, nostalgia and regeneration are intertwined in Mango.

‘Never give up on your dream,’ the singer seems to advise, and she seems to lives by it herself. Sika Valmé is bringing her home culture to the forefront of every expression.

Listen to SIKA VALMÉ Mango song below.

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