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Angry Flames - Wrath Spyderhuff

Spyderhuff Serves Us With “Girl in the Photo”

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London – UK May 20, 2022. Spyderhuff set to release freshly new tune Seven days from now, titled “Girl in the Photo”.

Girl in the Photo replicates the third sin “desire” in a unique way; in fact, a title like “Girl in the Photo” is a fantastic choice because it precisely portrays the third sin. Sometimes you get the feeling that music explains things better than words, such as when you find a rock song that contains all of the necessary parts. The lyrics, instrumentation, and even the song video all properly simulate the issue. You can’t talk about a rock song without mentioning the guitar and drum lines, which immediately put me in the right mood, a unique way to listen to rock not only with your ears, but also with your soul.

Spyderhuff is a group of six incredible musicians who are showing us the wonderful old-school rock spirit we all know but in their own unique way through their various series “sin7,” which is a series of seven tunes about the seven deadly sins that will be released one by one as singles throughout 2022. The seven have already produced two songs, and now it’s time for their third masterpiece, “Girl in the Photo.”

Buddies and business associates are the best combination ever, and the “Spyderhuff” are just that. You only need to take a few minutes out of your hectic day to put yourself in a new mindset while listening to, feeling, and appreciating “Girl in the Photo.”

Listen to Spyderhuff Girl in the Photo song below!

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