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Hello music fans and dearest readers, let’s welcome to our digital space Kent Kent-based band STARLINGS. The fourth pre-debut single from UK girl group STARLINGS, who are expanding and adding new members as they train and develop a close friendship, is called” Kalopsia”. “Kalopsia” was released on 2nd February and the song is a fresh and innovative sound that listeners are dying to hear. Let’s get into the details of the song.

When the song begins, listeners are transported into this world by the awesome use of synth sounds and then the vocals begin as the girls begin to sing. Their unique and different voices fuse and harmonize perfectly and make for a thrilling sonic experience

At its core “Kalopsia” the song’s lyrics capture how bittersweet the girl’s situation is. Kalopsia, which means “a condition, state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they are.” helps the ladies convey how frustrating it is to live in a drab reality while they dream of an ecstatic achievement. They tell us how, as their illusions and dream manifestations get more intense, a stippled ceiling might appear like a starry sky.

The song is a musical equivalent of “Not everything is as it seems”. Their flawless vocal delivery and groovy instrumentation allow listeners to experience what the girls are trying to say, a rare quality that this song possesses

In terms of production STARLINGS have outdone themselves. The pop synth feel and the electronic piano sounds make a bold statement and their voices although different and beautiful in their way, are mixed beautifully so that listeners will thoroughly enjoy

Overall “Kalopsia “ by STARLINGS is a beautifully arranged masterpiece that is backed by the powerful and fantastic voice of the ladies. This song would fit well on an upbeat playlist since it blends bright Pop synths with R&B electric pianos and basslines. I am excited to see what this amazing group will do next

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