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Hello, dearest readers and music lovers let’s turn our attention back to Park City-based artist Gary Dranow. After blowing our minds with singles like “Digitize “ and “I’m A Man “Gary Dranow is back and blowing our minds with his latest release titled “Hadrian’s Wall” The song was released on 11th January and is a tale of a Roman Soldier’s life in 122 AD. Dranow collaborates with The Maniac Emotions to bring to this harrowing and gripping tale. Sit back and enjoy my spicy review

The song starts strong with the electric guitar and drums before the other instruments and the vocals join in. Dranow sings about the struggles of a particular Roman Soldier. Although The song is rock it is still very emotional and deep The electric guitar work on this song also deserves a standing ovation. Listening to the song reminds me of the movie Gladiator with actor Russel Crowe. The impeccable lyrics and how they are sung paint a very vivid picture for listeners.

The song talks about a truly harrowing and emotional story of the struggles of a Roman soldier. This gripping single delves into the life of a Roman soldier, encapsulating his struggles and triumphs amidst the construction and battles along Hadrian’s Wall. The lyrics talk about how he worked very hard, and how he missed his family because they were far away from him. He goes on to talk about the bloodlust surrounding him and how he had to numb himself because of it. “I left my heart on Hadrian’s wall” symbolizes him feeling empty even after he had returned home. These lyrics and the theme draw a very clear picture that listeners can follow along with and enjoy the music at the same time

The production of the song is an obvious standout. The song moves at a fast pace but the arrangement of the musical instruments does not allow you to be completely swept up without understanding the lyrics and I applaud Dranow for that.

“Hadrian’s Wall “by Gary Dranow is an amazing and in-depth song. The lyrics weave such a beautiful yet sad story that you will love to see unfold. The song also talks about the difficulties soldiers have been facing during and even years after a war. He talks about PTSD in a very cool and light manner and that is very impressive given the nature of the topic. The production of the song, its lyrics, and vocal performance also make it enjoyable and emotional. It is recommended for everyone and will fit great on any playlist

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