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Hello everyone, you’re most welcome to our blog. Today we highlight the work of UK artist Janet Devlin. Saddle up and hold on tight as the incomparable songstress, Janet Devlin gets ready for a long-awaited return. With the ferocious energy of a wild stallion, she releases her powerful new country-rock single, ‘Emotional Rodeo’, on the 26th of April. With this single comes an equally breathtaking visual to indulge in. Let me tell you more about this song and video.

An outburst of very engaging and upbeat instruments hits you and intoxicates you as soon as the song starts.

When the video starts Devlin is shown in a bedroom of some sort with two beautiful women flanking her. The song urges anyone who might be interested in her to prepare for a storm coming his way in the form of her (”giddy up get in the saddle”). The video witches between Devlin and the two girls checking themselves out in a mirror to them dancing atop a pool table and having a pillow fight. The rest of the video is shots of Devlin and her friends taking turns to Roger a plastic mechanical bull and the trio dancing on a couch and again on the mechanical bull. She describes herself as a one-woman rodeo(”I’m an emotional rodeo”)and you can see her metaphor come to life in the video. Get carried away and enter the untamed, wild world of the song a powerful song that ignites a passionate trail in its wake and comes on strong and quick.

Written in collaboration with Ben Earle of The Shires and Kaity Rae (GIRLI, Beth McCarthy), Janet bravely enters the core of the country music genre, skillfully fusing the raw energy of country rock with her Irish charm. When it comes to combining the explosive energy of Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the soul-stirring melodies of country music icons like Chris Stapleton, Emotional Rodeo doesn’t hold back. The video was incredibly beautiful. It towed a crisp line of sexy, powerful, and rock

The “Emotional Rodeo” video showcased how talented Devlin is. She proved through her energetic charm that when she loves she loves hard. She has channeled her energy and skipped victim status to owning and accepting every part of herself by using music as a safe space to channel her emotions. The video was also a joy to watch, seeing her carefree nature and embracing her wild side. I look forward to hearing more of her music in the near future

Stream “Emotional Rodeo” on Spotify and watch the video with the link above.

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