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Hi there to all of you! Thank you for visiting our blog. We are showcasing Monique Angele today. May 3rd saw the debut of a new song called “Dreaming” by this incredibly gifted diva. Let me tell you more about this song, which is full of wonderful surprises.

“Dreaming” begins with the gentle tapping of piano keys, which establishes the mood for the song’s introduction. Get ready to have your mind blown by this tune!

With her captivating storytelling lyricism, Monique delves into the essence of daydreaming, inspiring listeners to lose themselves in a tranquil state of mind despite life’s obstacles. (“We might as well lose ourselves dreaming “). Elevating piano melodies give way to a full-band arrangement of the song that seamlessly combines layers of vocals, electric guitar riffs, and pounding percussion beats.

“Dreaming” has a lush aural landscape that flawlessly accentuates Monique’s passionate delivery. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Sean Peter O’Sullivan from HIGHWAY 9 PRODUCTIONS and Joseph Carra from Crystal Mastering.

Monique is steadfast in her resolve to create music that touches the hearts and souls of her audience. In a very special and original style, “Dreaming” will take listeners to a realm of creativity and reflection. There is nothing that can stop Monique from continuing her amazing journey.

Stream “Dreaming” on Spotify and SoundCloud

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