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Hello and welcome to our blog, everyone. Today we have featured. Adik Angel. Switzerland is home to the prolific Swiss composer Adik Angel. Born and raised in Plovdiv*, Bulgaria, the creative spark first appeared in her life and has remained with her ever since. genres, including Pop, Electro, Dance, and Hip Hop, all influenced by basic, genuine melodies and rhythms from the Balkans or the East. Her most recent song, “Up So High,” which comes with an exciting music video, was released on February 25. Allow me to elaborate on the lyrics and music video.

The song starts with beautiful synth sounds that are very engaging and fantastic and it has the same video to match its energy

The video was shot in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, and as the song goes on, you’ll see different perspectives of the stunning, wintry scenery. Birds are also seen, soaring far into the sky. You would wish you were in the video because of the music and the magnificent, almost angelic vistas captured in it. The video effectively immerses viewers in this breathtaking location and gives them a fully immersive experience!

Up so High” is an instrumental piece of ambient-electronic music from 2020 that features certain atmospheric voices, such as colors or melodies. It has an incredibly engaging visual that will provide you with an extremely original and creative experience.

“Up so High” lives up to its name, uplifting listeners with its melody and taking listeners way up high with the music video as well. I very much want to visit the Swiss Alps now and you will feel the same after watching this video and that is the power the song and video hold. Adik has shown her remarkable talent with this one and I can’t wait to see her next project

Stream “Up so High” on Spotify, SoundCloud and watch the video above

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