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Tarn PK Tackles The feeling of Hopelessness in His Song “Papier Mache”

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Tarn PK’s latest single titled “Papier -Mache “ is the focus of our blog’s dear readers and fellow music lovers. The talented artist is based in New Zealand and is doing extremely well in the music industry. with hops like ecstasy” and “Talk to You” garnering a favorable number of streams on Spotify. The song was released on 17th November and mainly focuses on directionless and the “achievement culture “ as it were. Let me tell you more about this song

“Papier Mache” starts slow with a foundation of layered electric guitar. It eventually begins with lyrics like “ try my best “, and “ should have left my hopes in the gutter” and transports the listener into PK’s mindscape of complete hopelessness. The steady beat and PK’s light voice give an immersive experience for all who listen
When it comes to the lyrics the song is quite personal as it is reflective of a time in PK’s life when he had finished University and had to go into the big wide world and did not know where to go. It’s generally about feeling directionless and dealing with the pressure of making something of yourself in the world, especially in the face of so many expectations. The song comforts the listener and assures them that the feeling of hopelessness is completely normal.

In production terms, “Papier Mache “ is a masterpiece, every note, every lyric, and every instrument has been strategically arranged to make it more enjoyable to listen to. PK’s vocal performance together with all the musical arrangements combine to make this a wonderful audio experience.

In all “Papier Mache “ by Tarn PK is a compelling sonic experience with a strong message of being patient with one’s self when overburdened with being an overachiever or not feeling guilty when you haven’t achieved anything in today’s society where so much is expected of us. The song and lyricism show PK’s true artistic nature and his future in the music industry as a whole.

Stream “Papier-Mache” by Tarn PK on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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