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Tasmin Rhea Very Passionate on ‘Fight On’ Song

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‘Fight On’ the second single on Tasmin Rhea’s upcoming EP “State of Me” was released on March 11th.

The song “Fight On” was not recorded in a big studio, but rather everything was done at Tasmin home studio, with a remote studio session set up. The song came to live with the help of Producer Ondrej Novotyn during the pandemic period.

Tasmin Rhea is passionate about making room for highly sensitive empaths. Her first hit was followed by Creature care packages that included a tea mix inspired on her song. She intends to keep sharing her story with her followers. So they can ‘curl up on the couch’ and talk about life while sipping a cup of tea.

Tasmin’s coming-of-age adventure will be revealed in the EP ‘State of Me’. From navigating one’s own identity to experiencing heartbreak. “Fight on is about accepting who you are. For me that’s being a sensitive creature. It’s ultimately about changing our perceptive on the meaning of Brave. So often we think it’s the absence of what makes us human. It’s not the fan that defines us but the will to carry on. To be brave is to cry and still fight on!”

Tasmin Rhea is a tall sensitive soul from London, who found solace in writing songs and hiding away from the world. But now she’s ready to share them through songs, encouraging everyone to be a warrior in their story, not to hide but celebrate and be proud.

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram as tasminrheamusic

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