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Greetings, devoted readers and music enthusiasts! Please join us in welcoming Australian musician The Amanda Emblem Experiment to our virtual space.

Throughout her 20-year recording career, she has served as the lead songwriter on over 60 albums issued under different band names. Following the dissolution of her last band in 2017, Amanda chose a title that she could continue to work on. Thus, “The Amanda Emblem Experiment” began, and Amanda Emblem, an artist, was born and has continued to this day. The five-track EP “FARMTIME “ released on 16th March compiles the world and inspirations of self-described songwriting enthusiast Amanda Emblem. Musically speaking, the inspirations range from contemporary acoustic guitar pop to 90s rock, with each tune having a distinctly different production and style. The EP can flow well from one story to the next because of the piano and flute added on top of both electric and acoustic guitars, highlighting her range and emotions. Now let’s get into the details of the EP

Waterfall” is the title track of the EP. As Amanda sings of being at this scenic environment that she and her partner have created, the sounds of the guitar welcome you to this song. She encourages her partner to enjoy their current location (being “under the waterfall with you”) while talking about her sentiments and emotions. The mid-song electric guitar was a lovely surprise, and Amanda’s evocative lyrics provide a way to go back to the wonderful environment she has created. What a welcome to the EP huh??

The following song is “Of course I do.” The guitar beat of the song is gorgeous right from the start. The song is a lovely song about loving your partner (“I will wake up everyday by your side”) and being devoted in a relationship (“of course I do, because I’m loving you”). (I’ll weep by your side). The song’s words are straightforward but really meaningful—wouldn’t we all want to be loved in this way? Congratulations to Amanda on this effective interaction with her fans!

The tone of the record changes with “Middle of the Night,” which comes next. Amanda sings “In the middle of the night” in a raspy voice as the song opens with high electric guitar tones and backup vocals. This moody, sultry song talks about waking up in the middle of the night. The song is electrifying and will engage you from start to finish!

The next song on the list is “General Consensus.” Electric and acoustic guitar tones are blended with a funky bass throughout the song. The persona mentions having a concept that is universally accepted. The song includes a tone of musical aspects, but they are all executed flawlessly and don’t feel overdone

The EP closes with the song “Aphrodisia,” which highlights the title of the EP and encapsulates the entire body of work by highlighting the diversity of themes found throughout the song collection. A realistic yet romantic overall theme is created by the vision of deer dancing beside a creek and the pursuit of a “hound dog” that has been attacking chickens. The sounds on this track are heavenly and leaves you with an inescapable earworm

While taking in her surroundings and drawing inspiration from her way of life, several of the tracks also have an undercurrent of crisis, suggesting that even while things are going well at home, there are unresolved concerns from the past and anxiety about the future. What an incredibly talented artist! What an Album! What an experience! I implore you to listen to “Farmtime” no matter what genre you gravitate towards

Stream the “Farmtime” EP on Spotify

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