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The first trailer for the Garfield movie features Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Pratt as cartoon cats

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Next summer, a highly memorable orange cat with a fondness for lasagna will be released on the big screen. The animated version of Jim Davis’ comic strip characters, “The Garfield Movie,” has an official trailer released by Sony Pictures.

In the upcoming animated comedy, Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt) and his silent, devoted dog partner Odie will abandon their flawlessly manicured lives to take part in a high-stakes heist with Garfield’s father, a scruffy street cat named Vic (Samuel L. Jackson).

The clip shows a young Garfield taking shelter in an alley crate on a rainy night across the street from an Italian restaurant. Enticed by the aroma, he makes his way across the street, where Jon Arbuckle is dining alone. 

After spotting Garfield in the window, he lets the orange cat into the restaurant and offers him some of his pizza. The duo click instantly, cementing Jon as Garfield’s owner. 

“And that’s how I adopted Jon,” Garfield tells the audience.

The rest of the trailer shows Garfield adapting to his new life, the father-son reunion and getting out of his comfort zone to get to know Vic.

Watch the video for the upcoming movie below

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