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Greetings to all of you. We celebrate UK-based artist Trevor Lee today. Lee has gifted us with “The Half of Me,” an intriguing eight-song EP that was made available on April 8. A producer at the top of his game gave the tracks a unique and dynamic style. The songs have a new energy that will appeal to a wide audience since they capture the sound of popular music in Britain after the lockdown. These are songs on the common experiences of love, longing, hope, loss, and introspection. Let’s discuss the EP’s specifics.

The lively tune “Hollow” captivates you with its infectious energy. The song’s character expresses his desire to avoid being hollow and to stop surrounding himself with meaningless objects (“I don’t want to be hollow”). The music is lively, quick-paced, and incredibly fun. This song gives the audience a preview of the artist’s approach and the direction the album will go in.

The Good Life?” is the title of the following song. This song has a slower beginning and builds in speed as it goes on. The narrative centers on an individual who, despite obstacles and high jumping, has a profound appreciation for life (“The best things in life are free”).

In the country-inspired song “New York City-3:00 am,” a man expresses how much he wants to see or be with his partner (“just wanna see you, reach out and touch you”). This beautiful and heartfelt song will captivate you.

“The Half of Me” is the next tune. In this slower ballad, the protagonist expresses his feelings for his significant other and how he would die without her (“feel like dying when I’m not with you, you bring me back to life”). This is a lovely expression of love that will stir up something deep within you.

Another mellow tune on life and choices is “Give n’ take.” He says that life is a give-and-take game. You will enjoy the lovely song and the laid-back feeling that the musical group exudes.

The country-inspired song “Dancing in the Storm” talks about finding joy amid hardship because things improve (the lyrics go, “I will be dancing through the storm, I know it’s darkest before the dawn”)

“Please remember Me” comes next. The character in the song bemoans the loss of a loved one after spotting her with a new partner, saying, “Hey darling, please remember me.” He’s not sure how, but he wants her back. This heartfelt song will cause you to take a breath and experience something.

The song “Long Way Home” closes the EP. The song’s protagonist, who says “I’m a long way home and the nights are cold,” is missing someone who makes him feel at home. This is a lovely tune with wonderful background singers and amazing trumpet sounds. This song brilliantly closes out the EP.

A wave of emotions was sparked by this EP. These songs are so wonderful that even a robot will be moved by them. Each song was intriguing and had something to convey. I think Trevor did a great job with this EP, and we thank him for it. He is incredibly gifted and will be huge in the music industry.

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