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Hi everyone, welcome to our blog. Today we highlight the work of the UK band The Levy Circus. The band, The Levy Circus has been together for about 10 years and is comprised of Ammar Al-Chalabi on drums, Eddie Giacobbe on bass, and Oscar Muto on keys, squeezebox, and harmonica. On 26th June, this band released a new album called “Tales of the Unconnected”. This 12-song album is a fusion of Americana, Melodic Rock, Pop, Country, and Folk songs which are all driven by a strong sense of melody. Let me tell you more about these songs.

The album’s title song is called “Looking like myself again”. The song’s intro is a bright guitar riff that is like an arm beckoning you to come listen to the song. The song describes an individual who feels stuck in fear (”I was stuck in a frozen stone of ice”), and feels like he’s in a haze or lost in a fog but refuses to give (” wake me from this dream”). After being stuck in stasis he finally feels like himself again(”I’m looking like myself again). Musically, the song has all these vibrant musical elements that form a beautiful melody, although the guitar sounds shine the most, you can hear the song loud and clear, absorb the lyrics, and enjoy the song. This song paves quite A beautiful way for the rest of the songs to follow

“Changes” is the title of the next song. A smooth and funky bass is the foundation of this song. The song is about an unnamed character who is pondering over a choice that he is unsure of(”I don’t know if I’m wrong or if I’m right”). Despite his stance on issues, he is completely sure that he needs to make a change because nothing stays the same forever(” but I know I need to make a change somehow”). The song is interesting, the message in the song is profound and the guitar aspects of the song really shine through and will captivate you

Next is the song “Danger Zone”. This country-infused song. The song describes a persona who is running away from his past(”those days are over, those days I’ve left behind”). Unfortunately, he could not outrun his past which he describes as a danger zone and whenever he tried to start over he could not escape it(”but I never escaped the danger zone”). The song is exciting, especially the harmonica solo, and will create an amazing soundscape

“Everything is going my way” is the title of the next song. This song’s intro is exciting and upbeat. The song’s lyrics describe a character who is gloomy and can’t see the joy in anything (” I used to think everything was sad and gray”), eventually, the character decides to ditch his sadness and despair, take a moment, and appreciate everything in his life. (” But now I can see that it’s a bright and beautiful day”). After pondering about his situation and choosing a more positive attitude he starts to feel that things are going to be great(”I’ve got a feeling that everything is going my way). This song is a foot-tapping song with upbeat melodies that will instantly cheer you up no matter the mood you’re in

The next song on the bill is the song” Slow it right down”. The guitar intro is just breathtaking. The song talks about themes of heartbreak, and experiencing life in the moment persona in the song is dealing with a breakup and has so many questions about life(” You know I’ve got so many questions but I know the answers will never be clear”). He talks about how some people around him are not concerned or not facing the same problems as him, so he decides to not think too much about the future and live in the now by taking it easy and giving himself Grace(”I’ve got to slow it right down”). This is a profound song with excellent instrumentation and crisp vocal performance

Next is “Casting Shadows”, a song that pivots the album in a slower direction. The persona in the song is pondering his relationship with someone close to him and experiencing an identity crisis without this person(” Am I good at all these things cause you made me this way”). He mentions how he has grown and how lost he feels since she left him(”ever since you let me go”). The song is tender and beautiful and you feel a range of emotions when listening to this song

The next song is titled” The Hurricane” The intro of this song is very upbeat. The song portrays a hypocritical person(” You think you’re so real but you’re the pretender”). The person ran away from a mess when he could have helped with it and now is receiving the same treatment(”the love you reap is the same love as the love that you sow”). The song is a well-made unison of instruments and a magnificent guitar solo laid on a layer of wonderful vocals

“Seriously” is the song that follows. The song’s intro is a short delicate guitar strum. In the song, the persona is listing the various things that take up his mind or things that he does to fill his mind or time (”I’ve got all these intrusions that you can’t even see”). After listing these things he then assures his love interest that she’s the only one he truly loves(”but you’re the only one I love seriously”). The song is an emotive song with lovely lyrics and a tender guitar solo. The song creates a special sonic experience

“Own Sweet Way” is the next song. The intro of the song is lovely as it introduces this country-filled song. The song is a heartfelt declaration of love by the song’s persona, he talks to his love interest and tells her the various ways he would be by their side no matter what happened (” If I was a sailor sail you far and near, id always be your guide”). He asks that they help each other and trust each other to get through life(”is that we must find out sweet way” The song is a beautiful song with emotive lyrics and a very heavenly vocal performance

Next is a lovely song called “Living Again”. This is yet another country-infused song with an exciting intro. The character in the song is confident in himself and doesn’t regret any choices he made in the past(” If I could go back and do it again I wouldn’t change a single thing”). He then credits his bright outlook on life to his partner(” Oh my darling you got me living again”). The song is a lively song with catchy lyrics and great vibes that will enthrall you

The next song is called “On My Way Home”. The song is a folk-infused song that talks about a character who finds himself in a place where he’s not seen or heard, he describes a place where everyone is hiding their discomfort behind their smiles(”everyone is smiling but nobody is really at ease”). The character grows tired of being ignored and lonely and decides to go home where his loved ones are waiting (” Oh I’ve never felt so, so alone but I know we can make it, we are finally on our way home”). The sound found in this song is made perfect by the violin and other stringed instruments. The song takes one on an emotive sonic journey that you won’t forget

The last song on this album is called “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”. With this song, we are ushered in with giant and beautiful piano notes that will captivate you. When the song starts, the persona in the song is reflecting upon his life (”when I look at my reflection I see staring back at me all the faces of my childhood memories”), as he thinks back on his life, he realizes that his partner has helped shape the man that he is and has made him so much better, helped him through fear and despair and he would choose her all over again if he had to turn back time(”and if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t change a thing”). This breathtaking ballad features lovely piano sounds and mixed together, you have this perfect melody that stays with you after the song has ended. This song ends the musical journey that this album took us on

This album is a collection of top-tier songs. All 12 songs on the album had great lyrics, perfect instrumentation, and a vocal performance that would make Sirens jealous. The band put their All in making this album and you can tell that they enjoy making music and strive to create music that will resonate with music lovers no matter what genre they favor. The band is very dedicated and talented, watch out because they are on their way to greatness

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