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Welcome back readers and music fans, today we turn our attention again to Calgary-based band The Muster Point Project. The band has continued to wow us with beautiful masterpieces like “I Got This” and the beautiful Spanish song “Como Los Jaivas”.Their latest song is titled “The Diner” and was released on 18th December. The song is an indie folk song that will move you to your very core. Allow me to tell you about this beautiful piece of music brought to us by The Muster Point Project.

The song begins with a smooth electric piano sound as the band begins to sing about The old, comfortable restaurant that may be a touch ragged around the edges, but that nevertheless makes us feel at home as we make the most of our bottomless cup and our patient, unimpressed server. The song has a very cool vibe to it and creates this other world, that listeners will gleefully grab a hold onto

The lyrics of the song remind me of a line from the theme song of the popular mid 80’s to early 90’s sitcom Cheers “You wanna go where everyone knows your name “. The lines “The waitress calls you by the name “ and “You know the staff real well “show the familiarity that the persona has at this eatery. The other lyrics of the song like the description of the wait staff down to the cutlery show the inner workings of these “greasy spoons” that we often go to. The lyrics are very descriptive and give a pictorial perspective to the listener. That is an outstanding quality that you don’t find in most songs.

Production-wise, the song gives off this indie folk, indie pop vibe and This song has a playful quality, with hints to the 1980s comedy Alice and Stealing Sweet ‘N Low. It’s soothing audio; if you don’t pay attention, your thoughts might wander to your neighborhood diner. The great vocal performance together with the piano work is noticed throughout the song and the piano flourishes as the song climaxes is something out of this world.

Overall, “The Diner” by The Muster Point Project is a great song that has a Steely Dan feel all the while opening a door back to the 80s with its unique and descriptive lyrics as well as its breathtaking vocal performance. The band has done it again, this time surpassing all expectations and defying all odds to deliver nothing short of amazing art that everyone will enjoy. I’m prepped and ready for whatever they release next!

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