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Welcome back readers and music fans, today we turn our attention to Calgary-based band The Muster Point Project. The song titled “Como Los Jaivas” was released on 19th January and begins as a folksy ballad but ends out being a tune that everyone can rock to. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the song.
“Como Los Jaivas “ begins with a nice electric guitar base before it descends into a rock-infused tune. The drums make this song much more enjoyable.

The song was written for a specific community which is the new friends the artist made in Chile. Though it is in another language, it is beautiful nonetheless and will allow you to have a good time whether you’re listening to it alone or with people

The song is expertly arranged, and the way it oscillates from ballad to rock is just something unique and amazing. Let’s not forget the electric guitar solo towards the end of the song! Were you amazed or what?! All these elements combined make this an out worldly experience for listeners

To end, “Como Los Jaivas” by The Muster Point Project is a masterpiece. For someone who is not a native Spanish speaker, this is an amazing feat the artist has achieved and I applaud it. This talent speaks for itself and I am excited to see the artist’s next project.

Stream “Como Los Jaivas” on Spotify or SoundCloud

Follow The Muster Point Project here and on their socials; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube.

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