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Hello everyone!! Welcome back to our blog!! Let’s give a warm welcome to Canadian artist THE NINTH EMPIRE. This artist’s latest offering is called “Ghosted” and the song was released on the 1st of March. The song is an overwhelmingly beautiful song that talks about the pangs of heartbreak and the breakdown of relationships. Relax as I tell you more about this track in my review.

Ethereal and synth-like sounds greet you as the song begins. The Ninth Empire then begins his gut-wrenching and passionate performance about failed relationships.

The themes prevalent in this song include heartbreak, failed relationships,(”I just sink and I soak, I’ve been ghosted”)childhood trauma(”perhaps we’re just two children and we’re traumatized and lashing”), and miscommunication (without communication relationships die”). If you have been ghosted or broken up with before you will relate to the emotions the artist is conveying through the performance and the melodic harmonies. This song is especially raw and vulnerable because the artist is channeling feelings from his breakup and in doing so connects with listeners in such an amazing way!

The Ninth Empire is a multitalented genius who mixed, mastered, and produced this great track by himself in his home studio. No wonder the song is flawless, it was made with special love and attention to detail. The lyrics are intricate and deep and the vocals are beautiful. In the end, you get a labor of love that is very emotive and sonically outstanding!

“Ghosted” is a cascade of beautiful and emotional musical spheres. It displays the artist’s incredible talent and celebrates and shows his vulnerability through his expert storytelling and fantastic vocal work. Was I impressed?? YES, I WAS!! And I can’t wait to see what he releases next!

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