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Hello and welcome to our blog all music lovers and dearest readers. Today we shine a light on Upland-based artist THE PROJECT. THE PROJECT has collaborated with up-and-coming artist Mykele Hill. When Mykele Hill, now 23 years old, was 17, she began penning songs as a way to express her feelings amid the lowest time of her life. She thinks that her songs can serve as a cathartic shared relationship between herself and the audience, as her music conveys optimism for the human experience. Having mastered the art of recording on her GarageBand, Mykele is currently putting songs out in 2024. Together they have released a song named “What’s it going to take” which was released on 19th January. The song is pretty amazing and will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Let’s talk about the song in detail

Delicate electric guitar sounds ease you into the song and get you excited to hear the rest of the song. THE PROJECT and Hill then begin to sing out their hearts in this stunning musical piece that will excite your sonic senses

When it comes to lyrics the song’s words are pretty straightforward to hear, learn, and sing along to. The song is a plea, a question to the persona’s lover: what will it take for them to see and accept that he is the best choice for her? In the song, the persona asks repeatedly if there is anything he can do to convince his lover that he’s the one for her.

The line “What can I do, what can I say?” really reiterates their desperation and need to assure their lover that no one will love them more. The musical arrangement and vocals paint quite a vivid picture allowing you to envision what the artists are saying, an impressive and unbeatable quality

“What’s it going to take “ is an obvious labor of love by both artists. The artistry on this is insane. The vocal delivery was crisp and frankly quite impressive as both voices fused and harmonized beautifully The electric guitar riffs are outstanding and hard to ignore. All the elements in this song work together perfectly and have birthed this stunning musical piece which is a rock anthem that has a sensitive story and background. Something difficult to achieve!

To conclude, “What’s It Going to Take” is a standout piece that contains multitudes of outstanding musicality and beautiful lyrics. The message embedded in the song is endearing sweet and enjoyable. Hill shines individually and shows her musical influences (Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift )while still working perfectly with THE PROJECT. The song is a testament to how hard both artists work to release the best for their listeners and I can’t wait to see what they put out next

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