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Greetings dearest music enthusiasts and readers worldwide! Let’s welcome back to our blog Boston-based artist THE SCREAMING POPE. This artist has already showcased his fantabulous talent through his other album “Your Star” which was a unique and beautiful fusion of sounds. He is back again and he’s ready to wow us with his latest album titled “Overboard” which was released on the 22nd of March. Now let’s get into the details of this 16-track album

The title track of the album is “What You Have.” It starts with a bang, including bright and lively guitar tones paired with a solid percussion beat and a vocal delivery that resembles an infant bird taking its first flight. The lyrics of the song, “You Always Want What You Can’t Have,” discuss wanting things that are out of reach. The song opens the record with a magnificent flourish, and the performance is lovely.

All the Days” is the next song on the album. The song opens with a short introduction, after which The Screaming Pope starts telling his tale of how he demands to have a piece of himself that was stolen returned to him immediately. His fervor and fury make it clear how upset he is and how much he wants his stuff back (“Give me back the things that you have taken away from me”). The song is a standout composition that will enthrall you.

The following track, “Moolah,” is also as energetic. This song is an unexpected addition to an album that will wow you. The well-composed rap song “Moolah,” which is slang for money, portrays a character who is primarily concerned with money (“love me, hate me, I don’t really care, all about the moolah”). The song is engaging and will give you the feeling that you and your friends are dancing away your stresses in a club.

The song “Headspace” comes next, and it begins with some really nice piano and guitar flourishes. The song transports you to an alternate reality in which music is both the ultimate aural experience and the ultimate life force.

The pop-infused tune “City Lights” features enticing and stylish piano tones that are expertly blended with a lovely drum beat. When these components are combined, a flawless illustration of unadulterated craftsmanship is created.

The next song is “Glory,” an amazing ballad that will make you feel passionately. It has airy instrumentals and an emotional performance. The song is about being alive right now, and the characters in it are pleading to be honored while they are still living (“I’m not dead”).

When “Glitter” begins, you’re drawn in by the variety of seductive sounds that are skillfully blended to create a wonderful song you’ll take pleasure in.

Another pivotal point on the album is “Inside My Head.” The song’s blend of pop synths and techno sounds will make you feel like you have a VIP pass to a rave—think Coachella on steroids

Overboard” comes next. The persona in the song depicts the relationship as a drug and himself or herself as the addict. The song is about a relationship where the persona feels out of control, like “going down with the ship.” (“a drug of choice, to kiss your lips, one more time I need a fix”). The song will take your mind off the weight of the subject at hand by delicately describing a highly toxic relationship. What a daring and amazing method of producing art!

This is another pop synth song called “Turn It Around.” This foot-tapping music will take you to a realm of pure imagination and pure fun with its thundering sounds!

Next up comes the song “Real life.” This beautiful song tells the story of a man who has recently ended a relationship and feels alone in a state of limbo or fog brought on by his past suffering. The song swings around with a variety of instruments, which, if not performed in the elegant manner by The Screaming Pope, would have been arduous. Overall, the song is a flawless, completely engrossing listen.

Next up is a song called “That’s enough.” The song sings of the ultimate contentment that arises when two people are completely satisfied with each other as unique individuals (“you are what you gotta be, and that’s enough, that’s enough for me and that’s enough for me”) in a relationship. The poignant tune will captivate you with its countless, overwhelming charms!

Dark and ethereal tones accompany “Feeling alone” before the vocal performance kicks in. The phrase “feeling alone, feeling alone, feeling alone” in the lyrics describes a character who is overcome with loneliness. The song’s ominous tones complement its message and help listeners get inside the musician’s thoughts and establish a connection with him.

The lively tune “Complicated” features an intriguing and groovy synth. The character in the song acknowledges his complexity. The music will thrill you, and its lyrics are clear-cut and easy to understand.

The next song on the list is “A River.” This is yet another upbeat pop synth song that will have you tapping your feet. The persona is precisely defines how he is feeling in the line “getting lost in your eyes” , also in the song, she compares her lover’s pull on her to that of a river’s current on objects or people (“pull you close like a river babe”). Given how intense this music is, the explosion-like sound that the song concludes with seems uncomfortably appropriate.

The subsequent song, “Exoplanet PVL14,” begins with these ethereal, exotic rain sounds that envelop you right away. The song also features hauntingly majestic piano tones. Your senses will be awakened and indulged in every manner by these piano sounds! And so ends this wonderful audio tour!

The Screaming Pope has demonstrated time and again how talented and skillful he is when he is creating these songs. His albums are so ripe with his limitless potential and the end results are songs which depict his talented nature, filled with compelling messages and are highly entertaining!

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