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Hello, dearest readers and music fans worldwide! Today we turn our attention to Boston-based artist The Screaming Pope. The Screaming Pope has delivered to us a beautiful electronic pop album titled “Your Star”. “Your Star” was released on 26th January and is a 13-track Album that was made out of love by the artist, these songs are a beautiful soundscape that will thrill the listener sonically. Let’s get into the details of this absolute masterpiece

The album is kicked off by the beautiful “ Whirlpool “. It starts with a beautiful electric guitar foundation. The vocals then begin and they are just breathtaking. The song is about letting go even with the weight of the world on you. There’s a sharp turn in the music direction with the drum or bongo solo, which is completely unexpected but very interesting and fun which will thrill you even more. What a way to welcome listeners to the record!

Next is “Magic Between Us” which starts with this mysterious and mystical instrumentation. In the song, the persona goes into detail about the attraction she feels for her partner and how their connection is unlike anything else. The lyrics describe an intimate relationship and attraction between two lovers and it is done exquisitely through the vocal performance and musicality

“Your Star” is an electronic pop song that is melodically beautiful. The song is about a lover asking her partner if she could be his star. The use of the word star is metaphorical in the sense that she’s asking to be a critical part of his galaxy or his world and she tells him how he makes her feel and pledges her eternal love. The song is amazing, the lyrics are easy to understand and the song will take you on an amazing musical adventure

“Third Eye” is the next song on the record which begins dramatically. This poetic song is very introspective and intriguing. The artist encourages listeners by saying “Rest if you must, but don’t you quit “. The song encourages us to keep going even when things go wrong. The repetition of this line hits home and relays the urgency of the message of the song and what an empowering message it is!

“My Heart” is another change of pace in the album. The use of electronic instruments in this song is unique and very interesting. The persona in the song talks about wanting to be left alone because of the state of her heart. The message of the song is sad but the vibrant nature of the musical instruments makes it hard to dwell on the sad aspects and gravitate towards having a good time, a rare quality most songs do not possess

“Taking a Dive” is another pivot in the album, the song begins with some amazing synth sounds. This great electronica song is about having fun on a hot summer night. It’s about letting loose with a loved one, having drinks, and dancing the night away. The song is incredibly exhilarating and will have you dancing to it and having a great time too

“Ethereal “ begins with this fantastic fusion of sounds that will immediately entice you. The piano elements are majestic disturbingly eerie and beautiful all at the same time. This song is a melodic treat and is indeed ethereal due to the way the song will make you feel when you listen to it. It will transport you to another dimension or plane of existence

With “Sound Bite” the album goes back to its heavy electronica roots. The pulsating nature of the beats and magnetic sounds are top-notch and will make you feel as if you were in the club having fun

Next is “Living in a drug commercial “. The song starts with some ethereal mouth percussions and great instrumentals. These elements combine you transport listeners into The Screaming Pope’s world

“Show Me” starts very high-energy with electronic piano sounds. The song is about the persona asking her lover to show him a sign that he’s the one. She’s asking for reassurance which is an important part of any relationship, convincing your partner that you care for them. The simple and eligible lyrics combined with the great musical instruments create a perfect audio experience

“Hydrogen Centrifuge “ begins with rainfall-type sounds and the music oscillates between different frequencies and fusions to create something unique and exciting

“Nothing can stop us” is a change of pace in the album. This beautiful ballad is a love story where the persona talks about how nothing can prevent him and his lover from being together. The vocal performance is passionate and very touchy-feely and will tug at your heartstrings

Next is “Holding On” which has elements of synth-pop in it. The song portrays the story of a woman who hasn’t gotten over a past relationship. She is still holding on and not letting go of her feelings in the hope of reconciliation. It’s a heartbreaking tale performed in an upbeat and enjoyable way. Way to stand out! Bravo to The screaming pope!

“What have you done?” begins with these delicate piano notes before it descends into an electronic beat. In the song, the persona blames someone for the way she is. She reiterates the change in personality by repeatedly asking “What have you done”? She is not happy with who is now but has no control over it. The feeling of hopelessness and despair is felt through the vocal performance and emotion that the entire piece brings to the listener

The album is closed out with “Hurira” an upbeat electronic pop song with great musical effects and a fusion of sounds. The song is the perfect end to a perfect record and it creates an inescapable earworm

Overall “Your Star” by The Screaming Pope is a life-changing and extravagant album. Each song was different from the other, contained it’s own unique and diverse sound and message and was most of all entertaining. The Screaming Pope has displayed its talents and shown that he has a bright future in the music business.

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