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Hello everyone, welcome to our blog. Today we welcome back Canadian artist The Silence Industry. After wowing us with their single “Headlong (General Strike)”. They are back again with a bang. Their new song titled “The Crawling Eye” was released on 12 April. Let me tell you more about the song

The song opens with a really fun guitar riff. It seems to scream ARE YOU READY??!

Lyrically, The song is a dark and mystical song that feels urgent and unsettling, with its lyrics perfectly capturing the feeling of being watched in today’s world of constant surveillance. the song also suggests that the advancement of technology has ensured that we are watched 24/7. This a very chilling and scary truth that the band has delivered flawlessly

The song has a high energy level and moves quickly. Contrary to popular belief about the song’s genre the incredible sounds that are being directed towards you won’t overwhelm you. You get better at appreciating each word and sound that you hear. It is also full of a thick, gothic atmosphere, but it avoids the cliches of the genre unlike their other song “Headlong(General Strike)”. There are no over-the-top theatrics or cheesy horror movie imagery here, instead, we are delivered a crisp and unique sound from the artist

I am very impressed by the quality of songs coming from The silence industry. They seem to be getting better in every single project.

This single showcases a comfortable band embracing its influences while still pushing boundaries. Don’t count The Silence industry out yet because they will surprise you with their talents.

Stream “The Crawling Eye” on Spotify or SoundCloud

Follow The Crawling Eye on here and their socials; Facebook, Bandcamp

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