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Greetings, cherished readers and music fans. Today our spotlight is on Iran-based artist Parham Gharavaisi. Parham Gharavaisi is a standalone musician and producer who has released eight full-length albums in a variety of genres, including hard rock, melodic metal, and instrumental post-rock. His latest offering released on the 15th of March is titled “Fatal Wings “.Let’s talk about this fascinating song in this sparkling review of mine

This alternative rock song has a wild intro, and the song is based on a foundation of complex hardcore rock sound before he begins his cool vocal performance

The song lyrically talks about the new dawn of man and it is inspired by Armored Core VI. The vocal performance is raw and intense and creates this wild fantasy you would love to be a part of. Well, guess what?? This song is your ticket to that fantasy

This song was entirely self-produced so you know and are fully convinced that it is a labor of love. All the sounds on the track are manufactured on computer software and are brought to life by Parham’s raw vocal intensity!!

The song will definitely appeal to hard rock fans due to its impressive star quality and Parham’s raw talent. I implore you to listen to “Fatal Wings “ and you won’t regret it!

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