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Tori Boltwood Wicked Woman

Tori Boltwood Releases “Wicked Woman”

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The chart-topping song “Wicked Woman” was written with the intention of acting as a fiercely forceful anthem demanding the utmost respect for women and the people it relates to. The mind-blowing musician was inspired to write the famous, ground-breaking song after struggling with her inner strength and self-confidence. That being said, the exceptional vocalist is aware of what it’s like for others to stereotype and criticise her because she is a woman.

Wicked Woman was created as a fierce anthem about the respect that all people, including women, deserve. Tori Boltwood struggled with her own inner strength and confidence, which is why she made it. How she felt she was being judged and categorised by others just because she is a woman. This song is about how social forces don’t have to dominate women or individuals in general. that anyone may love themselves and who they are as a person without needing to love another person.

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