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Tracy Morgan says, “I could have been Speaker of the House,” to Jimmy Fallon: “I Would Be Perfect, George Santos Said”

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Morgan stunned Jimmy Fallon by admitting that he is not only interested in politics but also genuinely believes he can persuade leaders from opposing parties to cooperate when he stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Thursday

Yes, I could have spoken! I play a good game!” stated Morgan. “How do you suppose I convinced my wife to wed me? Telling falsehoods! She had no interest in learning the truth about me. Who better, I tell you, than old Tray-Bae to bring the Republicans and Democrats together?” Fallon agreed through his characteristic fit of laughter, praising the comedian’s willingness to lend a hand. Morgan, though, went a step farther and joked that he already had a significant endorsement.

Besides, George Santos mentioned that I’d be ideal for the position,” Morgan laughed. “And since he created breakdancing, I accept him.” George Santos, I remember you out there performing the back spins and everything.” Nevertheless, Morgan acknowledged that he has a political grudge against Donald Trump. “Trump was near to me! Morgan bemoaned, “He never said nothing to me,” alluding to the numerous secret records discovered in Trump’s hands. “One day he brought six boxes with the words ‘Top Secret’ written on them over to the house. “What’s in these boxes?” I asked. ‘Don’t worry about it,’ he said.

Man, that dude has never said anything to me! I have no idea,” Morgan joked further. “That’s what I tell the District Attorney, I don’t know nothing.”

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