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Salutations, kind readers, and fans of music. Please join me in welcoming the UK band “Periscopi invertit.” On June 28, 2024, up-and-coming band Periscopi Invertit released their fifth single, “La dama d’Aragó,” giving the thriving London multicultural music scene a fresh musical viewpoint.

The song opens with the most delicate and tender guitar strum and then the breathtaking vocal performance begins. She sounds absolutely angelic and within an instant, you’re hooked

The Catalan folk ballad “La dama d’Aragó” dates back to the fourteenth century. It has been reworked with a unique jazz accompaniment paired with an oud and darbuka (Mediterranean instruments, from North Africa). The song is a ballad that borrows some lines from a Greek medieval folk song that was well-known throughout the Mediterranean region in the Middle Ages. The Catalans at the time possessed significant influence over the Mediterranean, which increased their interaction with people from different Mediterranean origins.

With some of the musicians located in Barcelona and others in Catalonia, “La dama d’Aragó” was recorded in studios in both London and Barcelona. Along with some amazing Catalan musicians, it contains some of the best acts from London’s ethnic music scene. I had chills after listening to the stunning guitar solo. It was mastered at Sound-Ray Recordings.

The song is a beautiful ballad that honors the continuous existence of Catalan music in the Catalan Countries. For this romantic folk tune, Periscopi Invertit composed a fresh arrangement that features a tapping bass introduction, lovely jazz piano accompaniment, and solos. Periscopi invertit has amazed me by releasing a song that displays the wealth and beauty of the Catalan musical culture. I can’t wait to hear more from the band and see this artist educate while creating art with his music.

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