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mUmbo Swing My Hip song

UK-Based Duo mUmbo Serves us With “Swing My Hip”

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Following the success of their first album ‘I Fly With Swallows,’ released to rave acclaim in 2021, UK Alt Rock duo mUmbo release their second single of the year, ‘Swing My Hip.’ mUmbo experiment with voice and guitar combinations, ranging from dreamy, mellow soundscapes to guitar-driven current blues/rock and EDM. Swing My Hip is a lyrical dance that features Doug MacGowan’s electric guitars, percussion, and relaxed, jazz-tinged vocals (Emma Semple). Learn about the 4th of May in Formula Indie.

“Swing My Hip,” a new single by Londoners mUmbo, takes us on an introspective journey of what is, what was, and what may be. A soothing blend of jazz, R&B, with a smidgeon of trip-hop.

“Swing My Hip” is for you if you’ve fallen into the warm arms of current blues but are yearning for a little more edge. The genre-bending duo mUmbo creates a vibrant auditory landscape for listeners all over the world by combining elements of EDM’s throbbing synthesisers with overlapping edgy guitar solos and jazz-inspired, story-like vocals. Although it may not be the song’s original use, I can imagine this being used in a movie scenario starring a trendy main character walking along a future city-strip packed with pastel and bright hues.

Following this band’s musical journey, their tracks have experimented with a variety of genres. They explored with more psychedelic rock sounds and folk-like harmonies on their debut album, “I Fly With Swallows.” With their most recent track, though, it appears like they’ve settled into a deep, multilayered, dreamy guitar sound, which I quite appreciate. Swing My Hip, the most recent release, is my particular fave.

mUmbo jumps right into the electro jazz sphere with a powerful guitar sample and a funk-like beat to back it up. This pair puts its own take on what appears to be a genre-defying, vintage futuristic funk tune by adding another continuous, delayed guitar riff and reverb-filled vocals to create a whole sound.

“Swing my Hip” is based on a collection of Doug MacGowan’s guitar samples to produce a peaceful, electro-jazz sound that you may lose yourself in. The sweet, silky, jazz-tinged vocals delivered by Emma Semple will lull listeners to sleep. Though I adore the voice, I must agree that comprehending the words can be difficult if you are not carefully listening to what Semple is singing. Despite the absence of articulation, the surreal mood created by mUmbo is enhanced. Swing My Hips will take you down a rabbit hole into their dreamy, musical realm.

Mumbo has manifested a specific kind of magic. Emma’s melodic pitch and Doug’s guitar go together like peanut butter and jelly. They just complement each other, and there appears to be no finer combination. This song is about a running motif that these two incredible musicians have built a merry go round around. The voices shift, there are distinct guitar flourishes, and the textural complexity of their work jumps out.

Listen to mUmbo Swing My Hip song

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