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Kid Koi Those Kinda Days

US-BASED Guitarist Kid Koi Releases Latest Song “Those Kinda Days”

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Kid Koi Those Kinda Days song released

Kid Koi is a blues guitarist by training and reputation, although his music leans considerably more toward contemporary pop rock. The catchy song “Those Kinda Days” employs a variety of instruments, with a delicious acoustic hook driving the entire album.

Kid Koi leads us through losing his girl, getting fired from his job, and other existential and introspective experiences throughout the song as it develops with a complex beat and narrative-based trip.

Let’s get to know Kid Koi, a vocalist that provides you with a little sweetness today. “Those Kinda Days” is just what you need to break up the anxiety-inducing loop of information and provide you with a few minutes of high-quality music. An air of pleasant noises that gradually whistles in your ears and carries you away.

Kid Koi, whose musical library we explore, does not miss its mark and marks the spirits thanks to excellent vocal lines that softly land on an equally successful instrumental. He demonstrates an unquestionable talent that augurs well for the future.

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The American musician is also noted for the excellence of his vocal lines and his skill in drawing listeners into his familiar world, which is equivalent to a musical cocoon that makes us feel good and makes us want to stay and enjoy it repeatedly. The song “Those Kinda Days” is a wonderful introduction to the musical discography of a budding but promising musician whose news we will follow in the coming weeks.

Kid Koi doesn’t do things halfway and provides us with a musical interlude in this passage that, to your ears, sounds like a breath of fresh air.

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