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Greetings music lovers and my adorning readers! Today we feature the talents of V of 40M.Since making his international debut a little more than two years ago, V of 40M, who is spearheading the Black Independence people’s movement known as Forty Million Strong (40M), has been making waves. The movement, which sought to provide Black people with sovereign land and independent government, is subtly included in V’s songs, giving listeners a singular and powerful experience. From his first album, “No Church on Sunday,” to his most recent release, “Martin Luther,” V has never wavered in his goal of educating, inspiring, and galvanizing the general public. His latest musical offering is called “The Offering” which was released on 29th February. The song promises to take listeners on an evolutionary and eye-opening musical voyage. Let me tell you more about it, tasteful spin.

Now this song may sound like any other rap song but it isn’t!, “The Score “With a nod to The Fugees and their everlasting legend from almost thirty years ago, V, along with his 40M allies 40M Tye and Hippie G, has brought back a modern classic with V’s signature revolutionary twist that is catchy and will have you foot tapping along.

The song’s lyrics center on “street cred” and proving your success to those who require it (“double check the score”). The song gives you the motivation to keep going and shows those who doubted you that you are a true success. V offers you bars on bars, the rap sections are slick, and the lyrics are lively and catchy! The outcome is an unavoidable earworm.

“The Score” is pivotal in V of 40M’s musical career since it combines LABACK’s superb production with insightful lyrics. Working together with 40M Tye and Hippie G gives the song more depth and variety, making it a potent anthem that embodies the 40M movement’s revolutionary spirit, and boy did they deliver!

This song has an unmatched quality and vibe. It’s a little bit of old-school hip-hop with a fresh spin that is very tasteful. Can you vibe to it alone? YES!! Can you vibe with company?? YES!! The more the merrier. Not only is it a good time but it has an inspiring message. So tell me what’s not to love?

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