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Hello, dearest readers and music fans lets welcome US Based artist VXXK. Together with vocalist Bailey Jehl, VXXK releases their brand-new dance tune, “To The Ceiling,” on February 6. It’s expected to become a mainstay on the playlists of the biggest parties of the summer. Let me tell you more about this gorgeous track

This euphoric and heart-pounding tune gets started quickly with a lot of intensity. With its groovy beats and captivating performance, the song produces an amazing soundscape that will blow you away!

The video for the song, which is being released along with it, captures the upbeat vibe of the song perfectly. The character tells her partner that she elevates him to a new level (“you take me higher”), that the feeling is so good that she’s been chasing it, and that their love is amazing (“my eyes are open but I think I’m dreaming”). The song is extremely beautiful, with captivating and amazing beats that will compel listeners to get up and dance.

Between Jehl’s soothing vocals and VXXK’s catchy beats, “To The Ceiling” fluctuates in intensity. Mellow lyrics give way to powerful hooks that instantly take listeners to the dancing floor’s bright lights. Because the original song, which lasts only 2:22, leaves listeners wanting more, To The Ceiling is also releasing an extended version for those nights when you just can’t bear for them to stop.

Although not much is known about the mysterious VXXK, their skill set indicates that this is not their first musical endeavor. With the support of DVRKO and Henry Fong, their associates to date include Sara Sangfelt, Richie Loop, and Naomi Wild. Thanks to VXXK for lighting up our days and playlists with this amazing bop!

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